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Backed by 40+ years of service to Montgomery County and the surrounding area.


Buster Brown Propane, located in New Caney TX, serves Montgomery and all surrounding counties.  We serve the towns and areas of Conroe, Livingston, The Woodlands, Liberty and all areas in between.


Buster Brown Propane is a true family business established in 1972 in New Caney by Lewis “Buster” Brown. It has become a Montgomery County mainstay throughout its years of service to the community. The company began all those years ago, catering to a small amount of customers and has since expanded to a third generation company, serving a majority of the surrounding areas; even providing about  50,000 of our 2 million annual gallons for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  Propane is used for a variety of reasons there. It fuels forklifts, provides heat for cooking and more.  In providing fast and reliable deliveries to our customers, Buster Brown Propane has won many accolades in its history. Most notable in 2008, the company was voted the Texas Propane Marketer of the Year.

Jan Peterson, Lewis’ stepdaughter, took over the business in 1989.  Her husband Mark left his career in insurance to join the family business in June of 1995 and began to learn the propane business from the bottom up.  We have become the voice for propane in this area and have been a part of the Texas Propane and Gas Association both of us having served  as regional vice president and director for the association. It’s really amazing that what we say and do makes a difference, but it really does.

Buster Brown Propane's steady growth over 40-plus years forced us to continuously add onto the 300 square foot retail space property in every possible direction.  The expansion continued with the addition of son Matt Peterson as co-owner.

In 2014, We entered a new chapter at Buster’s by entering into an agreement for the acquisition of Ferguson Propane in Cleveland. This acquisition caused the business to grow quickly and precipitated the need to expand our facility yet again to accommodate our growing customer base but we had simply ran out of room.  We hired engineers to look at the building, but it was determined we had added onto it all that we could structurally.  With nowhere else to expand the business, the time to explore a new home for the company had come.  Building an entirely new building, complete with a shopping center with rental space, became the answer.

We take pride in giving back to the community in many ways. Matt, also a pastor, once a month, speaks at Mission Northeast and helps those who cannot receive help elsewhere. Jan is on the board for the Community Chamber of Commerce of East Montgomery County and also volunteers for Mission Northeast. The company keeps close involvement with the local fire department.  We enjoy the bond that we have been able to form with our longtime customers and are excited to continue the legacy of helping the community East Montgomery County and to serve an even wider base of customers as we grow and expand.  We love what we do and getting to know the people we serve..

In 2014, Buster Brown’s new home opened in New Caney.  Buster’s Brew Coffee Shop & Deli also located in the shopping center opened in August of 2014 and is owned by the family and currently managed by Matt’s wife Tayra.  Matt & Tayra’s daughters are eagerly awaiting the day they too can join the propane business so we have yet a future generation of Peterson propane pioneers.



Buster Brown Propane's main office is located in New Caney, TX.  With 23 full-time employees,  We have 6 year round delivery drivers and  a professional service crew that specializes in propane tank installations, leak checks, and propane conversions for home appliances.

 We are a value-oriented company managed for long-term, consistent performance.


 Buster Brown Propane staffs 6 year round  delivery drivers to ensure that the customer will always get fast and reliable service. Buster Brown Propane maintains business operations within a 75 mile radius of our office in New Caney.  Buster Brown services Montgomery, Harris, Liberty, Polk, San Jacinto, Walker, and Chambers counties.  It is our privilege to say we provide prompt, reliable service to approximately 700 residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural customers in this region.


New Caney Firefighters turned to Buster Brown Propane and the Railroad Commission of Texas' Alternative Energy Division for a free training seminar covering the safe handling and precautions to be taken when fighting fires near and around propane storage tanks.\

The seminar was three hours and covered the safe handling of cylinders and other propane equipment and storage containers...

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