For gas odors, gas leaks, urgent delivery or repairs requiring immediate attention during non-business hours, call us at 1-800-528-3123.


Call: (281) 689 3946

 24 Hr Line: (800) 528 3123

There are various pipes, connectors and hoses that propane runs through before it affects a change!


In order to repair or make modifications to your equipment we stock propane tanks, cylinders, hoses, regulators, flexible connectors, repair parts and more to stay prepared and meet the needs of our customers.


Buster Brown Propane stocks and sells products for all propane related needs.  We sell propane tanks and cylinders of all sizes to suit your various needs at your home or business.  Our residential propane tanks range in sizes from 120, 250, 500 gallons and larger; if your system requires it.

We offers a parts and products including indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial propane products for the home and business. Whether it is grills, cookers, heating equipment or supplies for fleet operators, warehouse forklift fleets, tanks for roofers and restaurants, industrial torches and vaporizers we can service your needs.



Some of the products we sell require professional maintenance and installation. If you are uncertain as to a products application or intended use please call to consult with us. Do not attempt the installation of repair of any propane gas appliance unless you are fully qualified to successfully complete the project. These products can  often be a quik and easy install by one of our professional safety certified delivery drivers.

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