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We're with you through every step of the installation.


From selection and tank sizing, to final installation and hook-up we assist you throughout the process.  You can count on the expertise of our installation specialist.


You've made the decision to use propane for comfort, convenience and affordability.  Now what?  Where will you place the tank? How will it look to passersby? What size do you need?

Call Buster Brown Propane today, and our service and safety manager will ask you a series of questions to determine how to customize our products and services to best serve your needs.  You also might qualify for specialized rebates.

Our service specialists will then have all the information needed to determine site selection, tank size, installation, and environment integration.  Buster Brown Propane keeps tans of various sizes in stock. Our residential propane tanks range in sizes from 120, 250, 500 gallons and larger; if your system requires it, but in most instances  a 500 gallon propane tank is large enough. Especially, with our keep full program, see our residential service page for more details regarding this program.



If you are concerned about preserving your landscape you may consider these options.


A tank can be easily installed underground with only a small dome showing inches above the ground and poses not threat to soil or water.


In areas where there are circumstances which prevent underground placement tanks can be integrated into the landscaping or tucked away behind fencing.


1.   Visual inspection of all appliances for conversion and ventilation.

2. Shut off valve installations at each appliance point.

3.  Discuss with you the placement options for tank following federal, state and local ordinances and regulations.

4.  Tank Installation - (for underground systems a hole is dug, an 8 inch bed of sand is applied to keep it from touching native soil, anchors will be placed to prevent it from rising in excessive water, tank will be sunk into hole, installation of cathodic protection to prevent corrosion, fill of hole with clean sand, a backhoe is used to level off the native soil over the tank.)

5.  Run a leak check on entire system.

6.  Turn on the propane.

7. Light pilots and cycle appliances verifying proper operation.

8.  Once the customer is satisfied with the installation a Buster Brown Propane delivery truck will fill the tank.

Customer safety is our highest priority, if there is an idication of issue propane will not be turned on to protect you.

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